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Are you a Hitchhiker? Think about it.

With his thumb, a hitchhiker says, “You furnish the car, gas, attend to the repairs and upkeep, supply the insurance, and I will ride with you. But if you have an accident, I’ll sue you for damages.”

It sounds pretty one-sided, but one has to wonder how many hitchhikers there are in firms and organizations. Many members seem to say,

“You go to the meetings, serve on the Board, serve on the committees, do the paperwork, study the issues, contact the legislators, give to the PAC and take care of things that need doing, and I’ll go along for the ride. If things don’t suit my fancy, I will complain, criticize and probably get out and hitchhike to another group.

 Don't be a Hitchhiker. Do your part to support fighting:

        *** Mortgage Interest Deduction

        *** Transfer Taxes

        *** Private Property Rights

By making a contribution to LARPAC, you help support the fighting of these issues and more, on your behalf as a REALTOR® as well as the entire real estate industry.


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You are here: Home | LARPAC | Invest Today