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SIOR Advanced Classes - Course Details

Developing a Build-to-Suit Pro Forma:
How do developers calculate a rental rate?

Thursday, September 26, 2019
8:30 a.m.—11:30 a.m.
3 Hours CE

This course will teach you how to calculate a BTS rental rate in a lease proposal for an office, industrial or retail tenant. It will also arm the tenant representative in his/her negotiating leverage with a developer landlord. Students will learn how to maximize profits and analyze projects before a commitment is made, enabling you to walk away from a deal to eliminate a possible loss. This seminar is truly a course on wealth building and understanding build-to-suit development pro formas. You will learn detailed components of hard and soft costs, calculating a first-year break even rental rate and BTS rental rate, FAR, land development metrics, and determining return on and off equity. You will need to bring a financial calculator to work case studies. Various metrics will be presented to understand why projects are destined for failure.

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Highest & Best Use Methodology,
or “What do I do with this property?”

Thursday, September 26, 2019
12:30 p.m.—4:30 p.m.
4 Hours CE

This course will offer the tools that a student would utilize in conducting a feasibility analysis on a more productive use of functionally or economically obsolete commercial properties. The student may be acting as a consultant or broker advising a buyer or developer. The information is also critical to sellers’ brokers in establishing future value for the property and to set expectations to the buyers’ market. This course will summarize the four components of the highest and best use methodology, understanding how values will fluctuate based on highest and best use, how a broker can assist in the methodology by providing information and statistics in advance to play an integral role in the analysis, and using the analysis to step away from projects that are not feasible.

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About the Instructor

Rob Nahigian, FRICS, SIOR, CRE, MCR

Rob Nahigian has 47 years of real estate experience with 39 years exclusively in commercial and industrial as a developer, advisor, expert witness and broker of approximately $5.1 billion of real estate totaling 40.1 million square feet. He is recognized as a national and thought leader in his industry; a frequent speaker; and invited columnist to newspapers.

Mr. Nahigian is Principal of Auburndale Realty Co. He provides brokerage/advisory and expert litigation services to public agencies, investment portfolio groups and corporations in New England, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, California and Florida.

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