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With Hurricane Laura and the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I was reminded of the struggles and heartache that we as a community encountered on August 29th, 2005, and the days and months following. Fifteen years ago, we were all faced with the devastation and long-lasting effects that a major hurricane had on our lives and in our communities. At that time, our association received an outpouring of support and donations of vital supplies for our members from other Associations across the state. It was an unexpected gift at a time of hopelessness and despair, and brought a bit of hope and love at a time when we felt alone.

Now, our fellow REALTORS® in the Southwest and Central regions of our great state are faced with the same fears and uncertainties that we encountered. Hurricane Laura left our own without the very homes that they advocate for, and they need our help. I am asking our REALTOR® community to return the favor in donating urgent necessities to REALTOR® members in the affected regions so that they may feel the same hope, love, and support that we felt 15 years ago.

We have set up an Amazon wish list of items that members in the affected areas have said are most needed right now. Any items purchased through the list will be shipped to NOMAR, and a team of association leaders and staff will personally deliver these items to the REALTOR® Association offices in the affected areas for distribution to their members.

In addition, the NOMAR Board of Directors has approved a $25,000 contribution to the Louisiana REALTORS® Disaster Relief Fund. Katrina reinforced the importance of having funds in reserve to be used when times are extra tough for REALTORS®. That time is now upon us and your Board of Directors felt strongly about making a contribution to help those who need it most, just as so many other associations made contributions previously to help us.

I appreciate your consideration and support of our efforts to assist those in Southwest and Central Louisiana in their Hurricane Laura recovery.


Amanda Hanemann,

2020 NOMAR President

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Friday, September 18, NOMAR Leadership and YPN Volunteers helped load up all the donations to be delivered to Lake Charles. Thank you to the members of NOMAR and NABOR who so generously supported this hurricane supply drive. The large amount of supplies delivered were well received by the Southwest Louisiana Association of REALTORS®. They were overwhelmed and so appreciative of our support, concern and prayers.
It’s not too late to help out fellow REALTORS® affected by Hurricane Laura! Now all purchases made through our Amazon wish list will be delivered directly to the Southwest Association office in Lake Charles. Shop today and make a difference!


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