The Army Corps is currently constructing the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project (SELA) in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. This work includes construction of large underground box culverts that will work to get rain water off the streets faster and into the box culverts.

The Army Corps' website has additional information on the specifics of the project. The improvements generally support the parishes' master drainage plan and provides flood risk reduction up to a level associated with a 10-year rainfall event. A 10-year event is a rain storm that has a 10% annual probability of occurrence and equates to approximately 9 inches of rain over a 24-hour period for an area. The project was funded by congress following the May 1995 flooding and received additional funding after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

There are six on-going projects in Uptown New Orleans, two in New Orleans East and 10 in Jefferson Parish. After each construction contract is complete, a separate landscaping contract will be awarded to return the landscaping to what was there prior. Any changes to the landscaping would come from the city. For example, Napoleon Avenue will have a walking path added to the neutral ground that is funded by the city.

Below are the on-going projects in Orleans Parish (along with construction limits) with estimated completion dates.

    SELA 20 - Florida Ave. Phases 2 & 3 (St. Ferdinand to Mazant): end of 2018

    SELA 21 - Jefferson Ave. Phase 1 (Claiborne to Dryades): end of 2017

    SELA 22 - Jefferson Ave. Phase 2 (Dryades to Constance): Summer 2016

    SELA 23 - Napoleon Ave. Phase 2 (Claiborne to Carondelet): COMPLETED SUMMER 2016

    SELA 23a - Napoleon Ave. Phase 3 (Carondelet to Constance): end of 2016

    SELA 24a - Claiborne Ave. Phase 1 (Leonidas to Monticello): end of 2016

    SELA 24b - Claiborne Ave. Phase 2 (Lowerline to Juliet): end of 2016

    SELA 26 - Florida Ave. Phase 4: end of 2020

    SELA 27 - Louisiana Ave (Claiborne to Constance): late 2018

Jefferson Avenue Phase 2 and Claiborne Avenue Phase 2 are scheduled to be complete this year in Orleans Parish.

Mardi Gras Impacts: Napoleon Avenue Phase 3, which has impacted Mardi Gras the past few years, is scheduled to be substantially compete by the end of this year. There are no impacts expected for Mardi Gras 2017. The Army Corps of Engingeers expects the neutral ground to be open and available for parades goers to use.

Below are the on-going projects in Jefferson Parish with estimated completion dates.


    SELA 08a - Soniate Canal, Lester to W. Metairie: Spring 2016

    SELA 07a - Harahan Pump to River, North Tubes: Summer 2016

    SELA 07b - Harahan Pump to River, South Tubes: Summer 2017

    SELA 07c - Harahan Pump to River, Discharge Structure: the end of 2017

    SELA 9 - Harahan Pump to River, Pump Station: Spring 2016

    SELA 09a - Harahan Pump to River, Intake Canal: the end of 2016


    SELA 14 - Industry Canal: spring 2016

    SELA 15 - Trapp Canal: Spring 2017

    SELA 16 - Murphy Canal, North: Summer 2016

    SELA 16a - Murphy Canal, South: Completed May 2015


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