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ROAM MLS, LLC is a new MLS entity formed by the aggregation of several current existing MLSs in the state. Those MLS’s currently participating are New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®’s Gulf South Real Estate Information Network, Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS®, Greater Central Louisiana Association of REALTORS® and the Bayou Board of REALTORS®. Our primary objective is to deliver the benefits of consolidated MLS services with the least disruption to broker’s or agent’s established business practices or routines. Our mission remains as it has been for 100 years – to make the market work.

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What does ROAM stand for?

Freedom. Freedom from the artificial borders of previous MLS’s. Freedom for your listing to “roam” be exposed to 12,000 of the 15,000 REALTORS in Louisiana. Freedom from multiple MLS memberships, bills, data feeds, rules. Freedom to choose software you want to use. Freedom to not be forced to join something else, pay something else, or change your business practices to take advantage of these benefits.


I’ve heard that ROAM is “just software” or a “data share” is that true?

ROAM is a full-fledged MLS that will be powering MLS services for 4 different associations currently used by 12,000 of the 15,000 REALTORS® in Louisiana. It offers its users access to data across the state and the region and offers choices from a suite of product options. It operates under consolidated governance, a single set of MLS Rules, and provides live local Louisiana based support and training for its users. ROAM provides independent monitoring for compliance, and most importantly offers the guarantee of cooperation and compensation with all the appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms in place to help resolve problems should they occur. It’s supported by over 100 years of combined staff experience running MLS’s. It’s a lot more than software.


Do I have to change MLS software?

No, not only do you not have to change software vendors, but you probably don’t need to change installations. Through the power or ROAM, over 10,000 users will be able to reap the benefits of expanded data access – in the exact same system that you are using today! You don’t need to change anything, join anything, or subscribe to anything more. In fact, with ROAM you can STOP paying for multiple MLS memberships.

Unlike with other options, this also means you will not have to recreate new logins, recreate or update contact records, saved searches or re-setup client portals that typically don’t work when you move from one system to another.


What if I want a new software experience?

You got it! Through the power of ROAM, you can choose to have access to a different software than the one you are using today – but you won’t be forced to change. Users can choose one or more products and have access to the consolidated listings in all of them.

ROAM also gives brokers who are operating across multiple markets the ability to standardize their company training, custom integrations, and internal business processes around a single product – creating greater efficiency and making their company MLS experience one that is unique to only those agents in that firm!


What does this mean for current GSREIN subscribers?

GSREIN will continue to provide the MLS products, and top-level service and local support to which our members have become accustomed. You will not experience any change, nor will you have to do anything other than maintaining your existing GSREIN membership. You will continue to log in to Matrix as you do now.

In the summer of 2021, your GSREIN MLS Powered by ROAM will begin providing residential listing data of all statuses for the four above-mentioned MLSs. By early 2022, listings of all statuses for all property types will be included in your GSREIN Powered by ROAM Matrix listing database. You do not have to join anything or learn anything new with your existing GSREIN membership to have access to the expanded listing and sold data.


GSREIN membership, including access to GSREIN powered by ROAM, will remain available to all NABOR members.

All subscribers pay the same price for GSREIN powered by ROAM regardless of the REALTOR® Association in which they hold membership.

GSREIN has consistently kept its cost low while it has continually added services.

You will receive the expanded MLS benefits of ROAM at no increase in cost!

$80   quarterly

$160 Semi-annually

$320 annually

Which equates to $26.67 per month.

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